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Getting a good, quality flavour when smoking shisha or hookah is probably one of the most enjoyable elements – and there are a few things you can do to further enhance the flavours. There are numerous types of hookah pipes to choose from and a variety of flavours that can be combined to get a better or unique experience as well. For those who are just getting into hookah smoking, try experimenting with flavours and do a bit of extra research when buying a hookah pipe for the first time.

Don’t Rush To Buy A New Product

When buying a new hookah pipe for the first time, first look at models online and get some recommendations from people you might know who have bought satisfactory products. There are some differences when it comes to getting quality items – such as selecting ones with the proper height or preferably selecting brass pipes instead of stainless steel options. Of course make your selections after doing some research and figure out what is right for you.

Experiment With Liquids And Flavours

Hookah enthusiasts will find many diverse brands and flavours that are available in the market even with options such as shisha without tobacco – and nicotine free options. Try mixing flavours and find out which combinations work best by experimenting with some of your favourites. Fruit juices can also be added with water to the base of the hookah pipe to further enhance the fruit flavours. Of course you can easily visit cafés or hookah lounges where they can offer a quality hookah experience and create combinations of flavours too.

Pay Attention To The Charcoal

Using natural and organic charcoal with regular or tobacco free hookah will really bring out the flavours more efficiently. Natural options also burn for a longer period of time, and while these options might take longer to light up, it is much better that the chemical based varieties that can dampen the experience. Moving the coal around every 5 to 10 minutes will prevent it from burning out faster too.

Place The Foil With The Shiny Side Down

The placement of the foil is a small thing that can really improve the quality of the hookah experience and this is one of the small enhancements that work quite well. By placing the foil over the hookah bowl with the shinier side facing down, the flavours will definitely be brought out more – since the shiny side reflects heat much better while the coals will be placed on the dull side.