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One of the most elegant beverages that is in the market is wine. Wine is made using grapes that undergoes the fermentation process. In order to keep uphold the aroma and taste of the grape in liquid form, proper package and storage measures must be made. There are many methods that are available, and many storage manufacturers are looking for innovative ways to product eco-friendly products. A few types of packing conditions have been illustrated with examples to help you understand better.

Giving and filling

When handling this elegant drink and the wine packaging process, make certain that the amount of oxygen dissolved is no more than 0.5 parts per millions. You can certainly sprinkle water as needed to reduce the level of excess oxygen which is called sparging. The early aging of wine takes place when the total package oxygen level is high which should be very low as possible. All equipment being used must be disinfected in order to avoid contamination.

Seals of the bottles

The bottles can be sealed by using corks, synthetic stoppers and technical bungs. Cork seals are not only used for stopping but also for other purposes too.

Tamper-evident packaging caps

This type of stopper is very important because one can identify if anyone has tampered with the bottle and broken the seal. It is important to use this type of bottled packaging for a finest wine labels so that whoever you gift it to will know for sure that the bottles have not been played around with.


From the base of the bottle, the labels should be placed to a height of 5mm. The labels must be water resistant and the glue keeping it on the bottle should be long lasting. Artwork is permitted as long it meets the legal and word requirements.

Requirements of stowage

The main requirement of the stowage room or area is that is should be extremely clean and dry. Clear labels should be placed in order to distinguish where exactly different types of bottles have been arranged. Before arranging the shipment ensure that the quality of the end product is at the stage of consumption. Be certain of the space you have to accommodate all the bottles of wine. The most important thing about dealing with wine is to get the feedback from the customers. Another thing to be kept in mind is to keep tabs of the good and the bad wine. Remove the wine that is not up to the set standards.